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 Letras de Europa

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Localización : Bs. As. Argentina
Fecha de inscripción : 26/03/2008

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MensajeTema: Letras de Europa   Letras de Europa Icon_minitimeJue Mar 27, 2008 7:50 pm


I'm in control in this domain
I feel at home inside the maze
It keeps me safe it keeps me clean
I step aside into the shade

I'm here to watch to read the signs
I walk alone I go unseen
From place to place in fading light
I move ahead along the tracks

Pre-millennium tension
Your premonition
Your guillotine

There's something wrong you feel it too
I read your mind an open book
I sense your fears it's in your bones
A grinding stone a crushing load

You dream at night in shallow sleep
The demons' breath is in the air
It will not pass these are the days
So pay attention you are not alone

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson


I watch minutes grow to hours
and how seasons build the ages
Every winter dies in sunlight only to be born again
And the rainfall feeds the forests
while the lightning strikes the trees
Turning giants into dust fertile ashes on the ground

I see them going down to the water
Where they embrace the silent waves
Slowly they're swallowed by the water
And their breath ascending to the sky
I see them now floating in the water
Carried away, carried away

I see wasteland turn into gardens
watching oceans giving birth
To fragile little creatures born to grow and multiply
And the children of the children of the
firstborn claims the land
Building fences for protection from their brothers' greedy grasp

I watch kingdoms rise and crumble
and the nations come and go
Only new names for the same things once
the limit has been reached
Now I see them lose their interest
in the deeds that have been done
And the wisdom that's been found as they return to whence they came

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson


I am the big man restless
The living past and future
A fraction of a second and now is lost forever
My mirror image a picture in the static
Transcending through the present
A fraction in the rhythm

Electric icon culture in twenty frames a second
Bright confusion controlling my emotions
I keep my mind sedated with useless calculations
I see that time is endless
And shrink to insect size

I leave the flow of time
Free from gravitation
I leave the flow of time
Free from respiration

In segments days are passing
Relentless as a legion
Yet silent like assassins
A poison in my bloodstream
Reluctant but impatient
I sit and measure minutes
So conscious, counting fragments
My lasting moments vanish

My mode of operation is two-dimension thinking
I keep my world from growing
Ignoring all perspective
In perfect isolation I freeze my lust for learning
In stillness beauty lingers as rivers in the winter

My senses tuned to nothing
A nervous system shutdown
In blissful meditation I'm safe from stimulation
I don't believe in heaven
And science can not help me
Retreating from the living
I leave the flow of time

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson

Wind Of The North

I filtered the wind to sense the colours of the air
Projecting the graphs describing past and future
The shapes of the living and the calamity they bear
Clairvoyance became a word far too weak

Cynicism, awareness interlaces into grace
A beauty from which my valedictory came
Forgive what seems sinister and crude to face
Forgive my conviction to save these skies

The wind of the north seems pleasant and lush
Compared to the chill in my eyes at the time
The wind of the north obeys none but me
Calm as a sun while deleting you all

A withering process was programmed and set
Annihilation unfortunately inhibited itself
In the name of humanity the dissonance spread
The heavenly became so rippled and blurred

Dimensional rift that defines our existence
Fragile and weak while mankind lasts
To trigger the device that corrects and resets
Focusing on routs neglecting the past

Lyrics: Clas Nachmanson
Music: Clas Nachmanson & Eskil Simonsson


I'm waiting for the plane to crash and burn
I like the smell of burning kerosene
I'm feeding on the thrill of primal fear
I want my share of fluid endorphine

It seems they just sit and wait for sleep
I really need to see if there is something more
In danger I perceive my world so clear
I force myself to stretch the envelope

There's a party going on
We'll all be here dancing underground

There's a riot going on
We'll all be here dancing underground

I'm freezing to the bone on the arctic storms
Naked in the cold I'm feeling so alive
I'm searching for the last uncharted land
I hope to find someone else like me

Don't listen to the fools that hold you back
For you will achieve what they can only dream
Now escape the grip of good old common sense
And trust yourself for reaching further on

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson

I Am

I am the rhythm and the noise
I am the voices in your blood
I am the logic and the lust
I am the poison in your breath

I am the shepherd and the wolf
I am the fire in your chest
I am the water and the stone
I am the hammer in your hands

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson

Final Man

Broken buildings watching over
flooded streets where nothing moves
Shelters for the vultures hardly keeping daylight out
Marble stained with rust faded paintings on the walls
Beaten towers crumble haunted only by the wind

I will live forever
No angels left to hold me
I will be the final man

Picking up the given challenge of
the fallen gargoyle angels
Headed on collision course with martyrs tied as fenders
Driving like a mad dog going faster than a bullet
Pulled by gravitation from a million tonnes of stone

Human insects lived here crawling
through the underground
Beehive built in stainless a cathedral for the slaves
Spineless cowards guided by ideals they couldn't grasp
Giving up their freedom in the hope of being chosen

In the twilight grows the shadows
hollow hands that tries to catch me

Omens can not stop me because all the prophets died
Like the ancient temples their
monuments survived them
Speeding through the ruins I left their bridges burning

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson

Go Film

I find myself inside a church
deserted by the priests
As shadows shift from grey to red I
notice there's no floor
Transparent air suspends my weight
as if I had no mass
Suddenly the moon comes out
from the clouded skies

Wet and cold from shifting
daydreams wakeful in the sleep
Windowpane observing some
commotion down below
Waiting for the noise to come to
blur the weary mind
Watching as a pastime and I'm the
fallen star

Go film, we can all be gods
Go film, we will all be heroes
Go film, we are all immortal
Go film, we will all be safe
Go film, we are all illusions
Go film, and we can never touch

I will shine again with burning light
when I return
In and out from foreign shores I've
gone astray in time
Born to search for something I
have never ever seen
On an endless quest to hostile
ground and unknown lands

Then the scene go back to where it
started and I fall
As shadows shift from red to grey I
notice there's no floor
And gravity awakes me as it throws
me to the ground
A million tiny grains of dust
obscures me from your eyes

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson

Wall Of Sound

We are born alone and lonely we remain
When we learn to speak we speak to hear a voice
As the years go by we learn a thousand words
Then we try to talk to curse the silent sky

Like diamonds in the ground
We are waiting to be found
In silence we are bound
By the wailing wall of sound

Want to break the shell and cut the puppet strings
With our primal screams that echoes back inside
Want to pierce the noise and make our voices heard
To the distant shapes that wonders who we are

We must put aside the weapons of our minds
Cross the no man's land come with empty hands
Overcome the fear to drop the last defence
Speak forbidden words reach out beyond ourselves

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson
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Letras de Europa
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